LMDI gives Liberians regardless  their political affiliation, religious denomination, their tribes, their ages the opportunity to express themselves about what is affecting them concerning peace, development and democracy.
LMDI is working towards building a very peaceful, developed and fruitful society for all.
LMDI’S Slogan” Zee-maaneh, Zee-maaneh”….. meaning peace and enjoyment.
LMDI is proud to be in partnership with Lonestar Cell MTN, the best GSM Company in Liberia.
Please be informed that we are still upgrading this site. Thanks for your understanding.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Sam karto says:

    LMDI is the best demoncratic and peaceful media institution in Liberia I am still looking forward to the management for the best upgrading program of this site.

  2. Z. Otis B. Kruah says:

    It is indeed marvelous to have an institution that will make the people understand they are part of the peace and development process of Liberia rather than always blaming central government.

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