Past Projects

In 2008, LMDI’s Founder and Executive Director and other Senior Staff members implemented a project aimed at professionalizing community radios across Liberia.  The LMDI’s founder John Kollie oversaw the establishment of ALICOR, an umbrella organization for all 52 community radios in Liberia, which was supported through a grant from the Canadian government and the British Development Aid Group, DFID.
LMDI has also implemented a project on Land Reform initiated by the Governance Commission of Liberia. This project trained community radio workers to report on land crises using conflict transformation and resolution methods. Around the same period, LMDI worked with Liberia’s established Anti Corruption Commission to create awareness on their establishment and functions.  In January 2009, LMDI was awarded a project by the Liberian Forestry Development Agency (FDA) to create awareness on the new forestry reform law of Liberia. This project, with support from Fauna and Flora International, sought to educate locales about the new laws and guidelines, and roles of the community in forest management.
The LMDI has developed, implemented and evaluated the effectiveness of country-wide communication strategies in Liberia since its establishment.  LMDI’s individual team members have worked in close collaboration with Search for Common Ground, the Liberia Media Center, the Press Union of Liberia and the Netherlands based Free Voice in Liberia.  LMDI’s team is comprised of communication experts and practitioners–in radio, print media, drama/theater, focus groups, and community engagement–with an average of 20 years experience among the team in designing multi-media productions and outreach activities to implement programs for and with development partners.
The LMI has also implemented a series of radio and TV and outreach programs for   the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission, creating public awareness and education on the mandate and functions of the Commission and the Truth & Reconciliation Commission on its final findings and recommendations with funding from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Our projects with the UNDP are in two folds; (1) the production of 48 editions of 45 minute radio and TV talk shows on the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission and  (2),  The TRC work, dramatizing the final recommendations of the TRC. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Fauna and Flora International (FFI) funds our project in favor of Climate Change and its effects surfacing in Liberia. The Forestry Development Authority (FDA), and partnership with the E.U. based Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) are funding an anti graft media campaign within the Forestry Industry. The Land Commission of Liberia with support from the Norwegian Refugee Council is engaged with us on the production and airing of radio programs in fulfillment of the public information and education needs and for the Forum for African Educationalists FAWE, the LMI is producing and broadcasting a series of dramatic skits under the project title “LEARNING WITHOUT FEAR” for school children and youths especially girls.
Under the FAWE project, the LMDI has also trained school girls in radio news, program drama production and broadcasting. Through such training the project anticipates the children and youths reporting fear tactics adopted by teachers and other school authorities to intimidate children and youths into yielding to the demands of unscrupulous school authorities especially teachers.
The LMDI has worked on the education of the public on the two systems of  justice, Traditional and formal justice and pre-detention trial. This work has entailed the holding of interactive public forums between and amongst pre-trial detainees on one hand and public officials and the general public on the other. This project brought together, Attorney General and Justice Minister, Christiana Tah and some other officials face to face with inmates at the South Beach Central prison in Monrovia for the first time in Liberia. On  the two systems of justice, the LMDI ran several interactive discussions between the formal sector and the traditional sector on their points of diversity and agreement as way of finding the common ground. Deliberations from these discussions were recorded, scripted and produced into radio programs for broadcasting across Liberia through our partner of 42 National and community radios.
LMDI’s principal tools, Media and Community Outreach work hand-in-hand in Liberia.  Informed by issue mapping, surveying, and other research techniques, The LMDI scans for potential media development, Democracy conflict issues flashpoints and intentionally engages around these themes to foster dialogue and a constructive search for solutions while reducing tensions and rhetoric.  Issues introduced through the media are addressed in depth through community-level engagement, and community-driven activities and are given attention through media coverage and outreach.  These integrated, synergistic approaches enable LMI to achieve a breadth and depth of impact that would not be possible working at one level—national or local—alone.
LMI is working towards an overall goal achieving democratic governance through people’s inclusion to consolidate peace in Liberia. The LMI at the moment runs five active radio and outreach programs all based on themes around democracy, and governance, peace building and development.

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