This is our live outdoor Interactive Talk Show. For the first time on the Liberian Media Landscape, People have the opportunity to speak to their Leaders especially policy makers about policies that affect their lives. The people and their leaders meet face to face here in town halls or just simply open air gatherings and are given the chance to exchange views on critical National and community issues. Deliberations from the forums from this program are recorded and produced into one hour radio and TV programs for broadcast on our 42 media partners across Liberia. This is our space for real people to people dialogues and debates. Following Liberia’s heated elections marked by division, DUCOR DEBATES is transitioning to THE DIALOGUE for peace in Liberia. This is in response for growing calls for dialogue amongst Liberians for Peace Democracy and Development in Liberia.


Here we provide the space for rural communities to talk about issues of democracy, governance and Development. Our reporters and producers take the field in search of the voices that matter about general governance and the living conditions of the people and National Reconciliation. National Government policies are dug into here. This actually allows us get people’s take on how policies affect their lives.


This is about Gender and Youth & Children’s issues. Here children and youths are themselves producers and presenters. They are trained in all kinds of electronic media work leading to this production. They go in the field, gather contents, compiling, scripting, producing and presenting with supervision from our radio and drama producers and trainers. TOMORROW’S PEOPLE targets children and youths’ sensitive issues like education and livelihood. GBV issues are also central here. TP children, women and Youths and their parents, airing twice weekly for 30 minutes on 42 Monrovia and rural community radio partners. Each TOMORROW’S PEOPLE program uses a storyline to address child protection, women, children and Youths’ right and other issues of concern to children, families and policy makers.


This is our Drama series based on daily life activities in Liberia. Issues are researched, explored and introduced on this program with the aim of creating the space for National Reconciliation. This program is twice weekly 15 minutes episode; the characters address situations and challenges facing Liberians around the country as they rebuild their lives and work to maintain the peace. This is a virtual social re-integration based Soap Opera addressing National Reconciliation and transition to normalcy in Liberia. Under THE ROAD TO PEACE, we run an episodic series called “LIVING TOGETHER”. This series highlights reconciliation and peace building as the under tone for National Social Recovery efforts.
Our radio and TV programs are produced at our newly built multi-media radio production studio called STUDIO LIBERIA in the YWCA Building at Tubman Boulevard, Oldest Congo Town in Monrovia Liberia and our partner TV Stations in Monrovia. All of LMDI’s radio programs address governance (democracy), development, conflict transformation, peace building and social issues through themes like participation and social reintegration and reconciliation that lead to the consolidation of Liberia’s post conflict emerging democracy and peace. We have a strong partnership with 42 media institutions across Liberia that air our radio programs based on a quarterly memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s).

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